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*PDT was designed to play best with 3 or more players, but sometimes you want to play as a duo...

We need your help testing these additional rules designed to help speed up the 2-player game and encourage more player interaction. You can also add these mechanics with larger groups - be sure to share your thoughts on Discord!

In 2-player Pirates Dragons Treasure, the game remains very much the same - please reference the standard rules if necessary. When playing with just 2-players we recommend adding a standard 6-sided die to your game pieces. This die will be used to modify your turn each round.



Each player begins their turn by rolling a 6-sided die. The number shown will modify the Draw phase of your turn.

1 - You are targeted by the Dragon and may only draw a single card.

2 - No Effect, you may draw the standard 2 cards.

3 - You gain a bonus draw for this turn and may draw 3 cards for your hand.

4 - You gain Insight, allowing you to draw 3 but returning one card of your choice          to the bottom of the plunder deck.

5 - You Plunder the Booty, drawing the top two treasure card from the discard pile.

6 - You Swindle, stealing a card at random from your opponent's hand.

After rolling, continue your turn by drawing cards from the Plunder Deck based on the outcome of the Roll phase. If you rolled a 5 or 6 you still draw your standard 2 cards during your draw phase.


The Barter phase is unchanged.


The Decisive Action phase is unchanged.

Questions or Comments? Join us on the official PDT Discord!
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