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*In Standard play you'll face one dragon, but what if you wanted a longer game...

If your group is looking for a longer game, be sure to try campaign mode where it's not a race to defeat one dragon, but instead a competition to see who can defeat the most dragons! We need your help testing this alternate ruleset - please be sure to share your feedback on Discord!

In Campaign Mode, the basic gameplay of Pirates Dragons Treasure remains similar - please reference the standard rules if necessary. Campaign Mode modifies the aftermath of dragon battles whether the challenging Captain wins or loses.


Captains may still only challenge a Dragon once they have recruited a crew and applied at least one ship upgrade to their ship. If you are able and choose to attack the active Dragon with your Decisive Action, declare it so after you complete the Barter phase of your turn. In Campaign Mode you are still limited to attacking a single Dragon per turn. Remember, you may only challenge a Dragon on a turn when you are not upgrading your ship or crew!

• Remain unchanged from the Standard game.

• Your crew and ship upgrades determine your Morale and Health in your fight against the Dragon.
• Your ship’s Health is the combined total of the (HP) shown on your equipped ship upgrades, plus or minus any modifiers listed on your other in-play cards.
• Your crew’s Morale, plus or minus any modifiers act as your attack strength during the battle.
• The Dragon starts each battle with the health (HP) marked by the heart icon on the dragon card.


• Shuffle the Battle Deck and place it face down.
• Reveal the top card from the Battle Deck.
• Based on your crew's current Morale, track the impact of the Battle card to your ship, crew or Dragon.

In Campaign Mode, damage done to your ship must be allocated to a specific upgrade - if an upgrade's health is depleted, it must be discarded after the battle whether you win or lose.
• Continue revealing Battle cards and assessing the outcome until either the Dragon is defeated, or the Captain runs out of health.


​If your ship runs out of health before the Dragon, you lose the battle. Discard all of your depleted ship upgrades & your equipped crew to the discard pile. As in Standard play, defeated Captains retain cards from their hand and may begin rebuilding on their next turn. In Campaign mode the Dragon's health does not immediately return to full but instead the Dragon replenishes a single health point at the start of each player's turn until it is full again.

​If the Dragon runs out of health before your ship, you've defeated a Dragon! Add the Dragon card to your stash as a trophy to represent your victory! After defeating a Dragon, the victorious Captain should reveal the next Dragon and end their turn. Play then continues until all Dragons have been defeated.


Once all Dragons have been defeated, the Captain with the most Dragon trophies in their stash is declared the winner! In the event of a tie, total the starting health of defeated Dragons in each Captain's stash - the Captain with the highest total health pool in their defeated Dragons stash is declared the winner!

Questions or Comments? Join us on the official PDT Discord!
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