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*A NOTE ON THE CODE...Let’s face it, no one gets to the top by playing fair. You’re a pirate, act like one! Take every chance you can to swindle other players, kick them while they’re down, or lie your way to the finish line. But don’t get caught! If you do, you’ll lose your next turn.

Congratulations, yee are a pirate captain, and times for pirates arrr good! Generations of pirates have sailed these seas, bringing to them huge stores of gold, silver, and gems. A booty that any swashbuckler would be proud to command, and one which you each aim to control. 

But pirates are not the only beasts to flock to a hoard of treasure. Where there’s gold there will also be… DRAGONS. That’s right, the scourge of land, sea, and sky have found their way to our bountiful waters and we cannot let them topple us as commanders of this great fortune… 


Before play begins, determine who is the scurviest Swashbuckler among your ranks. The Swashbuckler should be the most pirate-like person in the group. That’s right, it's time to cast stereotypes on those around you -- you’re welcome!  Does one of your crew look and smell like a pirate captain? Is there a scallywag amongst you? Did one of your mates win the last round of Pirates Dragons Treasure? If someone brought their pet parrot, they’re definitely the Swashbuckler today!

The Swashbuckler is responsible for shuffling the Plunder Deck and dealing 5 cards to each player. The remaining Plunder cards should be set face down in the center off the table for players to draw from on their turn.

The Swashbuckler then shuffles & draws one Dragon card from the Dragon deck to determine which beast torments the group for the next round. Each Captain must also select their Class. These can be assigned by the Swashbuckler, selected at random, or claimed by intrepid sailors!

Finally, the Swashbuckler selects which Captain goes first.


Each player starts the game with an empty ship and 5 cards dealt from the Plunder Deck. Throughout the game, your ship may be outfitted with up to 3 ship upgrades and a single crew of your choice. You may also apply unlimited Bounties and Curses if you wish. Your crew's morale will determine your attack strength during battle with the dragon. Ship upgrades grant health (HP) to your ship.


*Captains do not have a starting health pool or default morale and must upgrade their ship before challenging the dragon.

Unless otherwise indicated on the card, crews and ship upgrades may be discarded during your turn.


Start your turn by drawing 2 cards from the Plunder Deck.


After drawing, you may play any Bounty or Curse card(s), barter with other Captains or discard Treasure to draw additional cards (2 Treasure per draw).


*Curses override the base card's power as well as any bonuses received from bounty cards. Curses 'stay with the ship' and may only be removed with a Lucky Tattoo card or after losing in battle with the Dragon.

Finally, choose your decisive action to end your turn. You may choose to purchase a ship upgrade, recruit a crew, or face the Dragon in 1 on 1 combat.


*Captains may also end their turn without taking a Decisive Action.

Your turn ends once you have taken your decisive action, unless you have chosen to face the Dragon (see Attacking the Beast section below).

Dragon Deck: Dragon Cards
Captain Deck: Class Cards
Plunder Deck: Upgrade Cards
Plunder Deck: Bounty Cards

Captains may only challenge the Dragon once they have recruited a crew and applied at least one ship upgrade to their ship. If you are able and choose to attack the Dragon with your Decisive Action, declare it so after you complete the Barter phase of your turn. Remember, you may only challenge the Dragon on a turn when you are not upgrading your ship or crew!

• Your crew and ship upgrades determine your Morale and Health in your fight against the Dragon.
• Your ship’s Health is the combined total of the (HP) shown on your equipped ship upgrades, plus or minus any modifiers listed on your other in-play cards.
• Your crew’s Morale, plus or minus any modifiers act as your attack strength during the battle.
• The Dragon starts each battle with the health (HP) marked by the heart icon on the dragon card.


• Shuffle the Battle Deck and place it face down.
• Reveal the top card from the Battle Deck.
• Based on your crew's current Morale, track the impact of the Battle card to your

   ship, crew or Dragon.
• Continue revealing Battle cards and assessing the outcome until either health

   pool is depleted.

​We knew you didn’t have it in you! If your ship runs out of health before the Dragon, you lose the battle. Discard all of your equipped crew and ship upgrades to the discard pile. You’ve still got a chance though! Defeated Captains retain cards from their hand and may begin rebuilding on their next turn.


After defeating a Captain, the Dragon's health returns to its starting value.

​If the Dragon runs out of health before your ship, you win! Rub sand in the eyes of all the losers sitting at your table!

Battle Deck: Battle Cards
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