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Dragon Skull icon for Pirates Dragons Treasure, the card game


*You claimed the Dragons were too easy...

If your group is looking for a greater challenge, it may be time to add Dragon abilities! These extra quirks can be applied to any game mode, Standard, 2-Player, or Campaign to increase the difficulty. Please note this page is a work-in-progress and we need your help testing - please be sure to share your feedback on Discord!

When playing with Elite Dragons, the basic rules remain the same. This page documents the official dragon abilities for each of our seven beasts to further modify the basic rulesets and increase the challenge in defeating each of them. In some cases, dragon abilities may render the dragon unbeatable, in those cases there is no winner among the captains!


• More details coming soon.


• More details coming soon.


• More details coming soon.


• More details coming soon.


• When defeated by Voidren, pirate Captains are swallowed up with their ship and are out of the game.

• If Voidren defeats all pirate Captains, the game is over and Voidren reigns supreme.


• More details coming soon.


• For each pirate Captain Syrath defeats, Syrath's starting maximum health pool is increased by 1.

• If Syrath defeats more than 5 pirate Captains, the game is over as Syrath can no longer be defeated.

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